Disgusted with Busted

I can’t even remember the first time I saw the weekly paper Just Busted, but I was horrified. I already knew that at least some mugshots were publicly available online here, leading to a lot of attention for at least one “hot convict”. I’d also been told that I could look online and find out … [Read more…]

Grand Canyon – Views and Earflaps

Like a few Australians I know, I had the pleasure of visiting the Grand Canyon late last year. Unlike most of those Australians, I avoided making a mistake that probably amuses a lot working in the tourism industry there. Not the mistake of not giving ourselves enough time there – we definitely made that one. … [Read more…]

Ticked Off By Ticks

Before moving to America, I was excited at the prospect of getting to see raccoons, skunks, deer and bear in the wild. Ticks, not so much. So unenthusiastic that as soon as I became aware of their presence in the area, I dashed to a computer and ordered a tick twister on Amazon.   It’s … [Read more…]