Bin Chickens! Ew!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw the following event on Facebook, which a few people I know in Sydney had marked that they would attend. The only event details really provided were “Everyone gather at your local park and glare and show general distaste towards ibises” I have yet to see an ibis in … [Read more…]

When You Wish Upon A Skunk

When you go to another country, you need to fully experience the culture, sights, sounds, smells…..yes. Smells. I really wanted to find of what skunk smelled like before I left the US. Much to the surprise of my American friends who assured me that no, I did not want to experience that, and also, what … [Read more…]

CSI Knoxville

I get a bit excited when I see American animals. An American friend talked about how boring it must be for me to see creatures like racoon and squirrel when I come from a country that has kangaroo and koala. The thing is, racoon and squirrel are just as exciting to me as a kangaroo … [Read more…]

Ticked Off By Ticks

Before moving to America, I was excited at the prospect of getting to see raccoons, skunks, deer and bear in the wild. Ticks, not so much. So unenthusiastic that as soon as I became aware of their presence in the area, I dashed to a computer and ordered a tick twister on Amazon.   It’s … [Read more…]