Bin Chickens! Ew!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw the following event on Facebook, which a few people I know in Sydney had marked that they would attend. The only event details really provided were “Everyone gather at your local park and glare and show general distaste towards ibises” I have yet to see an ibis in … [Read more…]

Starbucks And The War On Christmas

It’s heading to that time of year! Christmas trees out way earlier than they should be, the question of whether my offspring will consent to a photo with Santa, the Christmas carols that invade my brain in the worst way possible, and of course, the bloody, brutal War On Christmas. And at the forefront of … [Read more…]

Falling For Fall In The US

Celebrating fall in the US couldn’t be more different from the way I normally celebrate fall in Australia. Because I don’t celebrate fall in Australia. Or even call it fall. I recently had to look up whether or not there actually are any native deciduous trees in Australia, and was surprised to find out that … [Read more…]