Bass Pro, The Place To Go

Places that tourists to a new country will find interesting are often places that locals would not understand the sight-seeing appeal of in the slightest. A recommendation I’d make to Australians visiting the US is to visit a Bass Pro store during their trip. Even if you buy nothing.

If you are one of the minority of Australians unhappy about the gun control laws brought in after the Port Arthur Massacre, or even just a gun/hunting enthusiast in general, you will surely salivate as you peruse the store and get to see all the weapons Americans can buy so much more easily than you can. Actually, maybe you shouldn’t torture yourself like that.

Bass Pro Gun Counter

Bass Pro Knives
This is a knife!

Even if you’re not into weapons or hunting at all, there is still plenty there of interest. Like….


Bass Pro Taxidermy BearBass Pro Taxidermy Bass Pro Taxidermy Moose Bass Pro Taxidermy Moose Bass Pro Taxidermy Turkeys  Bass Pro Taxidermy Bear

Targets! (the deer seems a lot more stoic than the coyote)

Bass Pro Archery Targets

Novelty shirts!

Bass Pro Shirt

And the perfect outfit to spy on your secret crush from the bushes! (hopefully without the gun)

Bass Pro Creepy Hunting Gear

All set in a sea of camo!

Bass Pro Camo Gear

I don’t consider myself completely anti-hunting. While I really don’t understand the “rush” I’ve heard hunters describe when they shoot something and find it a bit disturbing, I am about to tuck into spaghetti bolognese that isn’t exactly made out of tofu. In most cases, assuming you plan to eat what you kill, it probably isn’t any more cruel than what happens to animals slaughtered in abattoirs. I have seen sold at Bass Pro and other stores, however, a contraption too cruel for words. Brace yourself for something horrible beyond your worst imaginings.

Bass Pro Turkey Decoy

“She triggers the breeding response”

This is a turkey decoy. A fake hen, designed to draw out the big gobblers.

So before killing the gobbler, they let him think he’s going to get lucky with a hot lady turkey. But he doesn’t get any lovin’ at all. He will die horny.

How do these monsters sleep at night?!

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  1. I’d love to go to a shop like that. I’m an outdoorsman myself so I’d love to have top-quality gear that lasts (plus, the stuff look cool!!).

    • It is a massive store, catering quite a bit to hunting and fishing enthusiasts, but even if you aren’t into either of those things they have plenty of other stuff (besides taxidermy displays 😉 )

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