I Have Questions. Sex Questions.

It’s been about 4 months since we left the US and returned to Australia. I have a job (Awesome! I love eating!) and my family and I have been living in a unit in a suburb of Newcastle, NSW while we wait to sell our Sydney property and buy a house in this area.  It’s a pretty nice area. All good so far, apart from the fairly cramped living conditions. We are settling into our (temporary) suburb and I have started running again. Something on my usual running route, however, drew my attention straight away and led to some pretty obvious questions.

Sex Lodge

What the fuck is with the name?

Is it a house where lots of sex happens? Is it a house where the owners wish a lot of sex would happen? Is it a house where paid sex happens? What’s with the graffiti?

I need answers, dammit! And even Google hasn’t shed any light.

A couple of weeks ago, it seemed as though Sex Lodge was getting a bit of a makeover. It has always looked a bit run down, and now it was getting a bit of a clean, a lick of paint, and….the sign was taken down. Sadness ensued. Well, at least it did for me. Maybe the other locals were happy that the street was going to become a little classier.

But it returned! It was only removed for the paint job! Huzzah!

A few days ago I saw a couple enter Sex Lodge. I tried, I really did. But I couldn’t get to them before they were already through the door. I had no chance to ask about the name.

The hunt for answers continue.

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  1. What if the owners are German or Dutch and it’s their lodge number six? What if they’re people who just happen to have the last name “Sex”?
    That would be the most plausible explanation and the graffiti would just be from kids who make fun of the name, prompting the couple to have their regular argument about changing the family name. It’s an old argument known as The Battle Of The Sexes.

  2. OK, I’ve thought about this and here’s my theory. It’s a lodge right? A lodge conjures up images of stuffed animals and furs hung all around the place. So I am thinking this is a “Furries” club. You know, where people dress up as animals and have sex with each other. My scientific method may be somewhat flawed but I am going with it anyway. Besides, I think the real question should be what’s a “Spud Tranny?”

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