Falling For Fall In The US

Celebrating fall in the US couldn’t be more different from the way I normally celebrate fall in Australia. Because I don’t celebrate fall in Australia. Or even call it fall. I recently had to look up whether or not there actually are any native deciduous trees in Australia, and was surprised to find out that … [Read more…]

Whitewater And Photoshop

“The people on the bank are NOT your friends” – whitewater rafting guide. Last week, I went whitewater rafting for the second time. Previously we had rafted on the middle Ocoee River, TN (with a company called Quest which proudly displayed posters from the movie Deliverance in its cafe…this was not reassuring), which had quite … [Read more…]

Vegas for Lame People

Enjoying Vegas When You’re Too lazy to Party. I’ve never been a party girl. I could always pretend that it’s because I was somehow above those kind of amusements, too cool etc. In reality though, it was more a case of not having the energy for it. Even at the age where I really should … [Read more…]

CSI Knoxville

I get a bit excited when I see American animals. An American friend talked about how boring it must be for me to see creatures like racoon and squirrel when I come from a country that has kangaroo and koala. The thing is, racoon and squirrel are just as exciting to me as a kangaroo … [Read more…]