Skinny Moochers – Eastern Harvestman

I moved to Tennessee in spring. Our house is surrounded by beautiful woods, the perfect eco-system for a variety of creatures to thrive in.

So……why do they all want to fucking live inside with us?!

Spiders, stinkbugs, even a few mice – it seems the great outdoors isn’t that great after all, compared to the modern comforts they can access by mooching off us. One creature, however, seemed to stand out from the others, even the stinkbugs.


Hi! Can…..can we come in?

I’m pretty merciful when it comes to dealing with creepy crawlies that have wandered inside in search of a life of luxury, usually going for a glass and a piece of paper to catch them with rather than squishing them. I had no idea what type of spider these were – they kind of looked like daddy long-legs in some ways (legs!), but I was more interested in finding out if they could bite rather than their name. No locals I asked could tell me.

Turns out, they are not even spiders.

The Eastern Harvestman is a harmless arachnid, with jaws too tiny to bite a human. And now when I want to remove one of these skinny freeloaders from the house which they do not contribute rent to, I don’t use a glass.

Go back to nature, you jerks!

IMG_20160630_113505 IMG_20160630_113518

Right after I take selfies with you.

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  1. You are much braver than me. Even though they cannot bite I would never pick them up or let them crawl on me. Haha. No thank you. Those legs creep me out!

    • Daniela

      I kind of like these guys. They look funny fleeing in terror on their long legs. I’m not brave though, you should see me lose it when I see a cockroach, even though they don’t bite either!

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