Nasty Australian Creatures – Giant Ants

On 24 February, I came back to Australia from the US. In our absence there has been some political changes including a change of prime minister. The nasty Australian creatures remain as creepy as ever, however. And were there to welcome us back on our first day!

Nasty Australian Creatures

Welcome home, weary travelers!


Ok, so the spiders I am fairly cool with. They generally mind their own business. But I’d forgotten about green-headed ants. I didn’t even have to think about them while living in the US, but I’ve spotted them in so many places since getting here and I’m scared to sit on the ground. That’s ok though, we’ll just go to the beach! Nothing nasty th….oh.

Nasty Australian Creatures - bluebottle

Hop into the water. I fucking dare you.


A few days ago I visited my family in the Upper Hunter Valley, and decided to find the ants we used to call Giant Ants as kids (actually called Bull Ants), because my US friends seem to love our wildlife…..from a safe distance. You can kind of see why we thought our name was more suitable.

No nasty Australian creatures were harmed during the making of this short video. I was more worried about being harmed myself, thanks very much. I’ve been bitten by these before.

I am an Aussie currently enjoying my time as a non-resident legal alien in the US. You can find me on Facebook and I have also just started lurking around Twitter and Instagram. Come lurk with me!


  1. That is a big damn ant. Welcome home, I guess! We’ll miss you, here in the States. Hopefully, you’ll keep posting (altho you need to change your “about me” at the end, since you’re not here anymore). I’ve certainly missed you, in your travel hiatus.

  2. The Portuguese man-o-war on the beach is kind of pretty. They’re not deliberately vicious–they just want to float along and sometimes we humans just get in the way.
    The spiders are OK too. That looks like a variety of the genus Nephila, the golden orb weaver.
    The ants on the other hand I can do without.

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