Creeping Along The Virginia Creeper Trail

I hadn’t heard of the Virginia Creeper Trail until a few months ago. Since I knew that a Virginia Creeper was a type of climber, however, I figured it had got it’s name from the plant, rather than any issues with weirdos lurking about it.

We stayed in a small town called Abingdon just in a local Comfort Inn, and spent the first day there learning what the tourism slogan for Virginia is…..

Viginia travel/toursim slogan, "Virginia is for lovers"

My in laws were not impressed that my husband and I wouldn’t pose for a photo with this sign.


……and exploring the nearby Heartwood Centre, which displays and sells the works of local artisans. I highly recommend a visit if you have no kids, or kids old enough to know not to touch everything. If not….maybe not so much.

Heartwood Centre, Abingdon, Virginia

Beautiful things my children want to destroy


Heartwood Centre, Abingdon, Virginia

More beautiful things my children want to destroy


Heartwood Centre, Abingdon, Virginia

So much to destroy!


The next day, we drove to our bike hire station in nearby Damascus, to have our bikes selected and get a shuttle bus to the top of the trail with them. We used a company called Sun Dog (there were a few other companies all clustered around the same area), and from the start of the trail back to the station was going to be 17 miles of the full 34 mile Virginia Creeper Trail. Almost all down hill, which is even more exciting when you are going to be towing a buggy containing a child behind your bike.

Beginning of the Virginia Creeper Trail

Beginning of the Virginia Creeper Trail


I don’t think I’ve ever had an easier bike ride, in spite of the distance, and in spite of the buggy. We saw others riders of all ages and fitness levels. Most of them started from the top and took the easy ride down, with only the odd fitness fanatic riding in the opposite direction.

Fall is apparently the busiest time of the year, and I can see why. The views were like something on a postcard.

River view, Virginia Creeper Trail Scenic views, Virginia Creeper Trail Scenic views, Virginia Creeper Trail River view, Virginia Creeper TrailMountain views, Virginia Creeper TrailBridge, Virginia Creeper Trail

Partway down there were at least 2 choices in cafe for lunch, and on the day we were riding, a fundraiser had set up as well selling hotdogs and other things. This place seemed to be getting the most business, though.

Creeper Trail Cafe Creeper Trail Cafe

By the end of the ride, my butt was the only part of me that was sore. It really was that relaxed.

Exhausted buggy passenger, Virginia Creeper Trail

Even more so for some of us.


(Tip – bring band-aids just in case. One of our group came off her bike and we didn’t have any. A generous Kiwi riding past gave us one)

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  1. When I read “creeper,” I thought that there were like creepy dudes kidnapping people there or something. I’m glad I was wrong. It looks like you guys had a gorgeous ride up there!

  2. The pictures are exactly like a postcard! You should sell them as such in an Etsy shop! Do people still send postcards? Maybe just a nice travel brochure then. No, but for reals, it looks amazing, and I like the sound of that chocolate cake.

  3. When I was a kid my friends and I thought Virginia creeper was poison oak so we avoided it. Then a nice park ranger told us it wasn’t and I’ve had a fondness for it ever since even though whenever I find it here in Tennessee I feel like it should be called Tennessee creeper.
    You’ve captured some really amazing views there. They’re quite relaxing. If your son is done with the buggy could I take a nap in it?
    I promise not to destroy it.

    • The ride was so easy I could probably have transported an adult in that buggy 😉 I am wondering whether or not I am allergic to poison ivy (not enough to go roll around in it. I know I’ve brushed against it, but….nothing.

  4. Those are awesome views and make me want to get right the hell out of this office and into the mountains. I’m obsessed with the Appalachian Trail which runs concurrently with the Virginia Creeper trail for some miles. I’ve hiked sections of the AT but one day I hope to thru hike it from beginning (GA) to end (ME). You may already be aware of this, but Damascus hosts Trail Days, which is like a three day gathering of hikers. I’ve never been but would like to go one day.

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