Vegas for Lame People

Enjoying Vegas When You’re Too lazy to Party.

Las Vegas

I’ve never been a party girl. I could always pretend that it’s because I was somehow above those kind of amusements, too cool etc. In reality though, it was more a case of not having the energy for it. Even at the age where I really should have. “We hit the nightclubs no earlier than 10:00pm? Isn’t that when you go home?!”. So when the opportunity came up to visit Vegas, people who know me well would have known that the wildest thing I’d do would be to splash out and buy a caffeinated drink. Whooooo!!!!!

So how do you enjoy a town celebrated for gambling, partying, and debauchery if you don’t really indulge in any of those things? (Well……maybe a leeeettle debauchery sometimes).



Eeek! So much tackiness! Everywhere! I love it!

One Eyed Joe Las Vegas

Only $599.99?! Score!


Undies for two

Who is buying this shit?! I guess nothing says “romance” like his ‘n’ her skid-marks.


Luxor at Las Vegas

“Your Pharaoh demands offerings of cash into machines!”


Bellagio Las Vegas Statue

Some places having a stab at looking classy and failing.



Vegas was where I finally got to see one of the much touted Cirque Du Suleil shows. We saw Kร  and it was just a bit fancy. Very elaborate and the acrobatics were amazing. No photos inside allowed, although I am not sure what they would do you if you tried. Maybe the acrobats would hoist you up and throw you around as part of the show.

Dragon at entrance to Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas

Entrance to Cirque Du Soleil show


We also saw a Michael Jackson tribute show. Maybe you had to be a more hard-core MJ fan to enjoy it, but I was less enthusiastic about it (we seemed to be in the minority though, others were getting into it). Dude who played Micheal looked freakily like him though.


The Great Outdoors

We traveled to the Grand Canyon after our Vegas Trip, but you don’t have to go that far to get out of the city and somewhere beautiful, if not quite as dramatic. Red Rock Canyon was stunning.

Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon 12118793_10153817725461654_3955828286002317146_n Tortoise taxidermy Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon

If you are willing to do just a bit more driving, Mount Charleston is worth a look, and had snow on it while we were there.

Snow at Mount Charleston Nevada

Mount Charleston Nevada



There is a giant Ferris wheel called the High Roller, in which a couple joined the High Roller Club, and apparently are not the first. If you’d prefer to ride a ride rather than another person, there are some less sex-friendly ones that we saw about. There was a few on top of the Stratosphere, including the Sky Jump, a fast controlled decent off the top. We also saw an impressive roller-coaster. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a huge coward, I’d have been all over them.

Rollercoaster Las Vegas


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  1. Oh I am so glad you wrote about this. I am not much into the partying scene either. I think I would partake in the gambling though. Other than that, I think I would be doing about the same things you were.

  2. I’ve been to Vegas twice, one with my parents when I was 16 for a dance competition I was in and the other when I was 21 and I partied way too much. So, as an adult. An old. Boring. Exhausted Mama. I look forward to going and enjoying the scenery, shopping, and will definitely be riding some coasters! My Husband has never been, so it’ll be fun for him. We both want to go to the Grand Canyon but were torn on waiting until our Daughter is a little older, she’s 4, or going now together then taking her later. Some of those tacky things are funny! Haha!!

  3. That’s a bit like what I did. I was there for a weekend last year, and we also went to watch Ka! I loved the show! And we also enjoyed buffet food and sightseeing a bit, mostly the architecture of all the crazy buildings! And that was it pretty much for us ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Makes me want to go back now that I don’t have to push myself to be out all night! There is also an aquarium there.

    I like your style-funny yet informative!

  5. Now I want to go back, now that I know I don’t have to push myself to stay out all night! There is also an aquarium.

    Love your style-funny and informative.

  6. When I was in my late 20’s to early 30’s I lived 5 hours away from Vegas. We would often go and at first I did the party scene. I noticed as the years went by that on each successive trip I partied less and sat in front of a slot machine with the free drinks more. Now I have to fly to get there and the last time I went I did manage to do the High Roller (alas not join the club though) and the geektastic medieval show at the Excalibur. The rest was in the casino. I think the next time I go I might be ready to wheel a little tank of oxygen around with me.

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