Just Hangin’ Out…..At The Clothesline


  1. Oh that last picture, that was funny! Ha! Okay so I am a bit different when it comes to certain things, so about a year ago or so. I decided it would be neat to hand wash my clothes and hang them out to dry. This was the first time I had hand washed and hung clothes. Except for when I was younger 3-5 y.o., I do remember helping hang clothes with my mom. I guess we didn’t have a dyer.

    I think it’s pretty cool that Australia hang their clothes still, I never thought to do that to help with the power bill. Hmmm.. How do you keep your clothes from getting stiff?

  2. LOL yeah, you definitely don’t want to hang your clothes outside in the States. Depending on where you are, you’ll either have awful bugs or a shit ton of pollution. Or both.

  3. In the deep south with all of the humidity, sometimes the clothes take forever to dry. Plus the get stiff, plus bugs, plus bugs, plus bugs, plus bugs. Australia has the scariest bugs if all those Nat Geo shows are to be believed. No giant spiders are crawling in your pockets?

    • From memory I put on a hat and it had a huntsman spider in it. Google what that looks like and you’ll see why that was not an entirely pleasant experience. But I’d still prefer them to stinkbugs by far!!!

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