Profiting from Stupidity – I Got Paid For A Video Of Idiots

You may recall a previous blog post where I told the story of the idiot construction workers who almost electrocuted themselves with a crane bucket stuck on a power line. What a wonderful video that was. Something to treasure for always. Apparently I am not the only one who thought so, and after posting it to Reddit after it had been onΒ my Youtube channel for a few months, received a request in the comments from a company that I contact them, as they were interested in paying for it. So I got paid for a video of idiots.

(It’s rather long, but the real action happens after the 5:50 mark. There is a fair bit of stupid work safety choices prior to that point though).

I was suspicious, of course, and took to Google to find out if this was a real thing. I found others who had been offered one of 2 deals by the same company – $150 straight away for the right to use the video, or $75 and you earn 60% of any revenue they make out of it after that point. They are paying for the right to use the video, and still allow me to keep it on my own channel, with the added condition that I can’t sell it to another media company.

I went with option 2, and it will be interesting to see how that will turn out. Really though? I made cash out of those douchebags. It doesn’t matter how much. I got paid for a video of idiots, who were nothing but obnoxious the whole time they were building next to us, and tried to intimidate me when they realized I was reporting them. That makes my heart smile.

So if you’re a fan of the show Tosh.0, watch out for this video – the company who bought the rights to use it sometimes provides videos for that program, among others. Who knows, it might make an appearance!

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  1. That is amazing. Your video might show up on TV shows all over the world. People everywhere could see your video.
    Which they already can since it’s on YouTube, but they’ll be seeing it on TV and you’ll get paid for it.
    Taking the second deal is brilliant. Even if you don’t double your money it’s still a good learning experience. And you might get a check for just a few pennies which would be a fun thing to blog about.

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