No Blog Engagement For You, Lucifer Lover!

I'm the devil in the blog engagement group

Bloggers fall into 2 groups when it comes to traffic – those that just write and are happy getting traffic fairly naturally, be it people they know, randoms from google who search for some pretty strange shit, maybe a facebook page they don’t put much work into – and then there are those of us who join “blog engagement groups”. Basically these are groups on facebook where you can get a bit of a helping hand from others to get your stuff shared and in turn share theirs, in the hope of reaching people you wouldn’t normally and generating more traffic. A bit of I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. I am currently in the scratching group.

Most of these I’ve found to be fairly shit, and not really worth the time. Except for one.

Not just because of the increase in traffic (although hey, that’s why you’re there, right?), but also because of the connections I made with some of the other bloggers. It was a fairly small group. I opened up blog posts I would never have thought were of interest if I’d just seen the title, and especially for lifestyle bloggers, got a bit of a sense of who they were and what their lives might be like. I would often share their content outside of the requirements of the group, as a bit of a favor, and even linked to one person’s content in a Buzzfeed post I’d created – it fit with what I was posting, and I generally get good vibes from that blogger. It was one of the more useful resources for me, and it felt like a little community. I had one nagging doubt, though.


The majority of my posts are about travel around the US and life as an Australian in the south. In spite of the current name of my blog, I don’t touch on religion that often. And I had got the impression, even though it had never been stated, that posts such as my very first one or about the plentiful adult stores in the south, would probably NOT go down so well. I got a bit of a God-fearing vibe from the page admin, even though that wasn’t the topic she blogged about. So I held back on posting those in favor of posts about wanting to find out what skunk spray smells like and why I think American animals are more scary than Australian ones – you know, wholesome topics like those. But I recently blogged about the hysteria last year surrounding the Starbucks holiday cup and the ridiculous War on Christmas, thinking that post probably would be ok.


Shortly after posting it in the blog engagement group, I got a message from Facebook that someone had reported my name as being fake. Frankly, I was surprised it hadn’t happened earlier (it was fake as hell), but still, I wondered who would be so bored/angry with me as to go to that effort. Whatever, fine, I’ll use my actual surname. It was only when I went to add my post to the engagement group that I saw that I had been removed, after having followed the group’s rules to the letter for months, with nothing resembling an explanation, and no response to a polite message to the group’s administrator, who is the only one who could have removed me.

Gee, I wonder why I was removed?


The thing is, if she’d had a problem sharing my content, if that particular post had offended her morals so deeply – she could have just told me. Or even just not shared it, without telling me. I would have understood. I’ve been in a similar position myself. And it seems that a post that was really criticizing only the angry, entitled Christians who were offended that they weren’t getting validation for their beliefs from a design on a paper cup – seems to have hit a nerve with an angry, entitled Christian.

So if you’re a back scratcher blogger – feel free to join my own blog engagement group. You have to be pretty bad before I’d kick you out. My standards are super low.

(My site contains some affiliate links and ads, from which I can earn commission. So far it is making me an Centenaire, but I dream of someday being – a Dollaraire! Feel free to buy through my links to help me reach this lofty goal).

I am an Aussie currently enjoying my time as a non-resident legal alien in the US. You can find me on Facebook and I have also just started lurking around Twitter and Instagram. Come lurk with me!


  1. Do you have 666 tattooed on you somewhere? Sheesh, thought it was a discussion group? Didn’t sound like much was discussed before your ousting. I regularly read several blogs that have piqued my interest. I don’t always agree with every single thing said (even The Bloggess, yikes sacrilege!) but that doesn’t keep me from following for the reasons I started in the first place. Keep on blogging you heathen and I’ll keep on reading.

    • Not that I’ve noticed, but maybe I need to get one! It was a group for Stumbleupon engagement. And some of the members were not sharing content and helping others in the group, but they are still very much there….which pisses me off even more, because I did the right thing by everyone. Onwards and upwards though!

  2. I will join!!! And feel free to join mine, the one Halfa1000 mentioned above. I inherited it from its previous admin, and I am trying to make it a good place for blogger love. Feel free to share whatever pagan article you like, but I will kick you out if you whine about the Starbucks cups (which happen to look super fab this year btw). Cheers you Aussie heathen!

    • Requested to join 🙂 The cups do look lovely! What time does the thread close each day? I am fine with others not sharing mine if they feel uncomfortable doing so, as long as they extend me the same courtesy. I’m not too sensitive 😉

      • I leave the threads open for a week.

        There are many different genres, I don’t think too many people are sensitive to subject matter. At least no one has complained to me about anything.

  3. I still think it’s crazy you got kicked out and worse that they took the time to report you. I am sure I have shared stuff I don’t always agree with, but I like my back being scratched, and I don’t mind helping someone else with their itch, even if I don’t agree with everything they believe.

    But the awesome thing is you can start your own group. Yahoo! Haha. I am so glad that I have met you through these groups! Or did I actually meet you in Reddit? Anyway.. I think you are a pretty neat person and I would definitely hang out with you! I am hoping one day I make it to Australia!

  4. I totally agree with Chasa. I can’t remember which group we met in, but I’m totally glad we met! I happily left that group in protest (and because of the creepy vibes from some other members). Some people are so ridiculous.

    • Yeah I think I need to work out how to block some of them from this group. Right back at ya! I actually bought a brow pencil for the first time in my life because your blog has inspired me to do stuff to my face! 😀

  5. Some people are surprisingly touchy…wait, that sounds more than a little inappropriate. Some people are surprisingly easily offended.
    Anyway I’m happy to join because I enjoy a good backscratching and like reciprocating even more.
    Also do you have the phone number of the guy who posed for that statue of Satan? I’m asking for a friend.

  6. Just joined yours and you welcomed me. HA! I don’t spend a lot of time on FB at all, but if doing so will somehow teach me how to use Google Analytics, then I will Know For Sure that random Czech Republicans are finding me by searching for “female Deadpool movie reviews”. Gawd knows there can’t be anything weirder than THAT in my search engines, right? 😉

  7. Hi sorry you have a not so good experience in one of the FB groups and that damn group member report you without a slightest communication with you first, but glad you did not let it get you and continue to create the group of your own. All the respect for continuing your blogging journey and following your own path.

    I just requested to join your Stumbleupon Facebook group by the way. Need to figure out how to really use SU for now.

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