CN Tower – Don’t Visit If You Weigh More Than 3.5 Orcas

During our random and not so well prepared road trip to Toronto, we visited the CN Tower, because there is probably a law against visiting Toronto and not going up the CN Tower. I didn’t check, but I’m sure there would be, with dire consequences for anyone who flouts this law.

CN Tower

Maybe they throw you off it?


We bought $35 tickets for general admission to the tower (which also allows you access to the glass floor as well), but also had the option of paying an extra $12 to go up to the skypod level, where a 360 degree view of the city was available. We were told that on clear days, you could see Niagara Falls from that level. Feeling indulgent, we forked out the extra cash.

So what ended up being the best part of the visit for me?

From the main section, we got a good view of the city, even if it wasn’t 360 degrees of it.

CN Tower View, Toronto

Not bad. Not bad at all.


After checking out the available view from that section, we went up to the skypod, with the plan being to go to the glass floor last. Was the $12 each extra worth it? It was sunny with some cloud, so not clear enough to see Niagara Falls that day, but a good view of the actual city.


Yes, there are people out there who make this sign necessary


CN Tower skypod view

CN Tower skypod view

Views from the skypod

The true highlight for me, though, was the section of glass floor, which my mother in law told us she had not ventured onto during their visit. In spite of this reassuring sign.

CN Tower Info

She’s being pretty damn harsh on herself if she thinks she’s heavier than these groups of animals


Even if you’re not going to set foot on it, it’s fun watching other people do it. Giggling kids, giggling adults. One couple were trying to convince their baby to crawl across it.

CN Tower Glass Floor, Toronto

Glass floor view. Plus our sexy feet.


CN Tower Glass Floor

Other (not so brave) souls.


So is it worth a visit to the CN Tower for more than ticking it off a list?

I wasn’t blown away by our visit to the skypod, but I thought the general admission to the CN Tower was worth it. Just don’t step on the glass floor if you weigh more than 41 polar bears.

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    • You bring up a good point Chris. I doubt they considered the extra weight associated with the waste products produced by all those animals on the sign. They may need to do more research and revise. It would be a dirty job but someone (Mike Rowe?) should do it.

  1. “One couple were trying to convince their baby to crawl across it.”

    For some strange reason (twisted mind comes to mind) I first read this as “One couple were trying to conceive a baby across it.” Before I went back and read that correctly, I couldn’t help but think that, depending on the quality of that conception, you might have had to pay more (or less) for the opportunity of witnessing it.

    The necessity of a NO SPIDERMAN CRAWLING sign is also quite amusing. 🙂

  2. I *might* be the person for whom they made the decal on the skypod window. 😉 I do not weigh as much as one USA NBA basketballer, so I think I’m good for the glass floor. If I ever make my way up to Canada, for funsies, ya know.

  3. I think stepping on the glass floor would give me a bit of anxiety…actually, I am starting to feel a little short of breath just contemplating it 😀

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