Maid Of The Mist And Haute Couture

I don’t like water very much. If I believed in reincarnation I would wonder if I had been a cat in a past life. But when I found out about the Maid Of The Mist boat ride that take Niagara Falls visitors right to the bottom of the waterfalls, I figured that I should do it simply because it is the very touristy thing to do, and I have no qualms about being touristy. I do have qualms about getting wet, though, and they aren’t handing out those plastic rain ponchos to all their passengers for nothing

Niagara Falls

Off to their soggy fate


We first explored the area at the top of the US side of the falls, and it was beautiful, in spite of the casino and other tackiness we could see from the lookouts.

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The visitors centre included some history of the falls, my favorite being information about the fates of some of those who have gone over the falls on purpose or by accident (A 7 year old survived with not a scratch after going over Horseshoe Falls!)

Once we’d had a chance to take it all in, we bought our tickets for the Maid Of The Mist and prepared for our trip. I didn’t expect to like it a lot, because water, but figured it would be a good experience to have.

It was amazing.

View from The Maid Of The Mist View from The Maid Of The Mist View from The Maid Of The Mist

I don’t get overly excited by a lot of experiences. I like things, but I don’t get giddy happy. But reaching the base of the falls, especially Horseshoe Falls, I was euphoric. I felt like diving in (I suspect I would have immediately regretted that decision, though).

It is 100% worth the $18.25 ticket for the Maid Of The Mist ride. And I didn’t even get as wet as I’d thought I would.

And the best part? I was allowed to keep this sexy outfit!!!!!

Free Haute Couture!

Aboard the Maid Of The Mist


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  1. Every trip to Niagara Falls should be accompanied by a reading of Mark Twain’s short story “Niagara”.
    Needless to say the haute couture he came away with wasn’t nearly as nice as yours, but then you also clearly managed to avoid being thrown over the falls by the locals.

  2. I have never been to Niagra Falls! I definitely need to add it to my travel list. It looks so beautiful and amazing. Plus, rainbows.

    I am sure you have realized by now that a lot of America is covered with flashy and tacky. We are very nouveau riche 😉

  3. That looks awesome! I’ve never made it to that particular destination but I would like to one day. I guess you guys are making the most of the time you have left before we kick you out.

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