The Sexy South, a Land of Churches and Adult Stores

Driving around this area, it’s impossible to miss the fact that there are a lot of these around:

Church First church of christ scientistchurch

There is also, however, a healthy amount of adult stores in the sexy south:

Adult stores Love shack adult stores love shack

(“ALL SALES ARE FINAL”, so don’t even THINK about changing your mind about that butt plug and bringing it back).

And they are not exactly discreet little hole-in-the-wall shops that you could sneak into. They are very enthusiastic in their advertising.

Adult stores Adult Video super store billboard silver bullet

(50% is an impressive discount! Nothing to be sneezed at!)

I met up with some friends recently and was told by one of them who had lived in the area for a few years that the Adult Video Superstore above inspired the ire of some locals, and that a few years ago the business was forced (by an ordinance in place at some point) to put a tarp over part of their business name on the sign to obscure it from view of the good, decent, non-sexy stuff liking locals. Not the whole business name, mind you.

Just the word…..”Adult”

I can understand why.

I mean, it’s not like if your kid asks why it’s an “adult” video store as opposed to just a video store, you could tell them that it doesn’t sell any kids movies (true), or that it sells movies that adults find interesting (true, with the added bonus that they might think those movies are tedious documentaries and lose interest in asking more questions), or that the movies that it sells are higher than a PG rating (also bloody true)…. No, there is no way you could get out of corrupting your child’s young and innocent mind by telling a truth or half-truth that would satisfy their curiosity until they are old enough to understand the true nature of the store. So cover the sign!

I’m not sure how long the tarp (through which you could see the word “adult” at night anyway) remained, or how long ago it was taken down. I would however like to know how upset the locals were around the time I first saw it, when it was proudly advertising new fleshlights. As opposed to used ones, I guess.


Adult stores Adult Video super store billboard advertising fleshlights

(Check out a great pic of Adult World right next to a giant cross at the bottom of this guy’s blog post. We’ve been past it but were never able to get a picture this good. Or hilarious. I have no idea which was there first).

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