The Future

The future for my peers and I. You know I’m right.     This was drawn for me by my brother Caleb (yes, he does need to drag himself into the digital age). His artworks that don’t involve butt-wiping live here. (My site contains some affiliate links and ads, from which I can earn commission. … [Read more…]

CSI Knoxville

I get a bit excited when I see American animals. An American friend talked about how boring it must be for me to see creatures like racoon and squirrel when I come from a country that has kangaroo and koala. The thing is, racoon and squirrel are just as exciting to me as a kangaroo … [Read more…]

Ticked Off By Ticks

Before moving to America, I was excited at the prospect of getting to see raccoons, skunks, deer and bear in the wild. Ticks, not so much. So unenthusiastic that as soon as I became aware of their presence in the area, I dashed to a computer and ordered a tick twister on Amazon.   It’s … [Read more…]